Welcome from Knoxville Branch

November 6 General Meeting
Bearden Library – 10:00 am
Alan C. Lowe, Speaker
Executive Director of the American Museum of
Science and Energy in Oak Ridge

Our Branch promotes gender equity for women & girls in education, research and advocacy.

Our Call to Action for you:
A. Post a positive message here about fighting racism.
B. Follow/like AAUW of Knoxville’s Facebook page.
C. Read one of our newsletters.
D. Go to our National organization’s website & read our positions on helping
women and girls.
E. Join our organization.

Would you like to
• Help advance equal and fair pay for women
• Support women in elected positions
• Encourage girls in science, technology, engineering & math
• Empower local college women to be leaders
• Join a group to support these ideas and actions while expanding your social network

It takes only one voice to start making a change.
Imagine how much stronger that voice grows when joined by 170,000 friends!