Welcome from Knoxville Branch

Would you like to
• Help advance equal and fair pay for women
• Support women in elected positions
• Encourage girls in science, technology, engineering & math
• Empower local college women to be leaders
• Join a group to support these ideas and actions while expanding your social network

It takes only one voice to start making a change.
Imagine how much stronger that voice grows when joined by 170,000 friends!

Here is a summary of today’s webinar with AAUW President Kim Churches and other staff members:

The overall message was to reassure members that AAUW is continuing to work and is concerned about everyone, their families and communities during the COV19 crisis
• Purpose was to discuss how we can take action, what we should be doing and to reach out to one another
• Urged that we remain calm, focused, compassionate, committed and flexible
• AAUW DC office is on mandatory telework from March 16 through April 24. The end date is flexible depending on circumstances at that time
o connect@aauw.org is available for customer service
o A concerning issue is seeing how many people are not observing social distancing which will presumably take more time for the crisis to “flatten”
o Encourage all AAUW members to promote social distancing
• Look for ways to stay in touch with members:
o Email
o Social media
o Phone trees
o Virtual meetings: conference calls and tech meetings such as Zoom
• NCCWSL conference is undetermined. AAUW in contact with U Maryland for decisions
• Equal Pay Day — info will be sent once events or action can be detailed
• Non-binary women (LGBTQ), especially in the 21-45 age range are looking for networking and connections that are relevant and important to them. AAUW can be that connection.
• State and regional conferences are being cancelled and/or postponed. (Suggestion) Use “Work Smart” tactics to negotiate existing contracts.
• WHY does gender equity matter now? Because women tend to be in service jobs with low pay, no unpaid leave, unpredictable work schedules, no health insurance, need child and/or elder care, need student debt relief
o Also at issue for all women — voting rights and the census reliability
• Members encouraged to volunteer when possible ie. food banks, cooking for others, sewing masks, etc.
• Encourage those you know to use the time at home to complete “Work Smart” (salary.aauw.org) Think about your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, etc.
• Step up your advocacy in the context of COV19:
o Op Eds
o Letters to Editors
o AAUW Advocacy links
o Local, state and national office holders
• Communicate restrictions at local and state levels to members
• New AAUW website scheduled to launch week of April 9. Not a complete revision, MSD will be updated later
• AAUW will try to keep us updated in as close to real time as possible, even with changes often happening from minute to minute
• “Take care of your soul as well as your health and community.”

A few thoughts about AAUW-Knoxville:
• We are already communicating well through email and FB
o Phone tree — please ensure our non-tech members are kept informed
• “The Voice” newsletter April/May issue will go out on schedule. Please send any items including photos, personal comments, etc.. at any time before April 25.
• April Board meeting — if necessary, we can have a virtual meeting either conference call or Zoom
• May 9 regular members meeting can also be virtual. Zoom is a good option.

The Knoxville Branch of AAUW began as a branch of the Southern Association of College Women in 1903 and became a branch of the American Association of University Women in 1921. The Branch has met or exceeded AAUW national standards in the areas of community action projects, visibility, leadership development, public policy, and financial support of the AAUW Educational Foundation and the Legal Advocacy Fund.

The Knoxville Branch of AAUW provides opportunities for networking, fellowship, development of leadership skills, involvement in the community and continuing support of AAUW’s goal of equality for women, education and self-development over the life span. Many of our members have held positions as officers in the local branch, state, and region. On the other end of the spectrum, we have members who only have time to attend their favorite interest group. Your degree of involvement in the local branch depends on you.

The branch membership averages around 50 members. Branch meetings have programs on a wide range of topics such as “Women in Politics,” “Impact of Title IX at The University of Tennessee,” “Health Care Reform,” and “Equal Pay for Women.”

Branch sponsored interest groups meet monthly: Contemporary Literature, Dinner with Friends, and Evening Book Discussion.

The Branch’s most visible project has been its participation in a coalition of organizations that present SHADES (Sharing Adventures in Engineering and Science) to middle school girls from Knox and surrounding counties.